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Maurizio Nannucci, Listen to your eyes, 1998/2013

We discovered our passion for collecting art over 20 years ago. At first we mainly bought works by regional artists. Over the years, the horizons of our collection expanded both geographically and in terms of content. In the early years our interest was primarily in minimalist and concrete art, but over time many young, including figurative, positions were added. 

We have also infected our four adult children with our passion for art, who are allowed to freely choose from the collection to furnish their apartments. And these are diverse: The collection includes art from a wide range of media; it includes painterly works as well as objects and installations. The title of a work by Maurizio Nannucci describes the leitmotif of our collection well: "Listen to your eyes" (1998/2013). What is particularly important to us is direct contact and exchange with the artists and supporting them over the years. 

Items from our collection are repeatedly shown on loan in exhibitions. We would like to share our joy in art with as large an audience as possible.

Annette and Rainer Stadler

Rainer und Annette Stadler vor Werken von Gerold Miller, Foto: Stefan Hippel
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